Kaytlin Converse


Kaytlin Converse is the newest addition to the BDS team. As an honors student in Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business, she is working towards an undergraduate degree in Finance and Risk Management with plans to complete her Master of Science in Finance. Previously, Kaytlin studied within the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program at King’s College London where she distinguished herself in areas of political philosophy and economics. Her devotion to academics and professional development has provided relevant insight into both local and international business operations.

Outside of the classroom, Kaytlin has always been involved in the community and made stewardship the center of her life. When her younger sister was born with Down syndrome, she felt a calling to join organizations that create opportunities for those with special needs. As a head coach for the Special Olympics for five years, Kaytlin trained adult athletes with various physical and mental disabilities in sports such as bocce, bowling, and track and field. Moreover, her efforts to organize and facilitate fundraising events for the Special Olympics resulted in thousands of dollars raised for the organization. Using her skills and experience to bring about change, Kaytlin engaged in the political process and held a private meeting with the governor of Illinois to petition for special education programs in public schools. Since moving to Arizona, Kaytlin has represented local Catholic schools as a speaker at fundraising events for the Diocese of Phoenix and volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul.

BDS has affectionately branded Kaytlin as the “Lightening Rod”. Her mindset can best be summarized by a quote from a former U.S. president: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”