Hon. Dean Martin

Senior Partner

The Honorable Dean Martin has been a Senior Managing Partner with BDS for more than a decade. Prior to joining BDS, Dean’s market awareness and campaign insights led him to the office of Arizona State Senator in 2000, the youngest person ever elected to that office.

As a State Senator, Dean served numerous capacities including Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. After three terms as Senator, Dean was elected to the office of Arizona's 31st State Treasurer. In January 2007, as Treasurer, he predicted "The Great Recession" and despite the abysmal economy still earned taxpayers over $1 billion in profits from investments.

For his accomplishments in elected office, Dean was awarded the distinguished “Freedom of Information” award 3 times as well as being recognized nationally as “Hero of the Taxpayers”. Dean retired from public office in 2010 to enter the private sector as Senior Managing partner of BDS.

Dean is a software development expert with a keen “eye” and understanding for marketing, public opinion, legal & contractual matters. Coupled with his financial services experience and technology pedigree, Dean “shines” as a communicator and creative genius. His peers are constantly amazed by his ability to manage multiple projects across many disciplines.

At work you will often find him using multiple computer screens and talking on the phone; or after work with twin boys saddled over his shoulders. When brought to his attention, his deep laugh exemplifies his love for life and family.