Frank Divers

Founder & CEO

Frank Divers is the founder and CEO of BDS. Frank is the epitome of the term, serial entrepreneur. For over 45 years, Frank has been on the leading edge of business innovation as a noted pioneer in the world of television infomercials, special interest radio informational programming and internet marketing.

Combined with his skill as an excellent communicator, Frank utilizes his creative skills to identify opportunities where most people would not have considered looking. It is a skill that his clients have come to appreciate.

Frank is highly skilled in raising capital and evaluating the marketing strategies of the businesses with whom he engages. He has a proven record of offering effective ideas and methodologies when it comes to knowing how to grow a business.

Outside of family and business, Frank has been supremely active in the community, and gives of his time and resources in meaningful ways. As an example, for the past 25 years Frank has served as a member of the Fiesta Bowl Committee, having been its Chairman for the 2016-17 season. His leadership team set a Fiesta Bowl record that year in raising over $3 million dollars for associated charities.

Frank is defined by his image of letting his peers and clients know that he is “always here to serve”.