Every client engagement is of the highest degree of privacy.  Unlike advertising, marketing and PR firms, our clients trust the fact that what they share is confidential and only seldom do they want anyone (especially their competitors) knowing that they are seeking assistance.  The same holds true when they are seeking capital or considering an exit strategy.  In the same way that we protect the confidentiality of our clients, we will protect yours as well.  

The best testimonial we have is the referrals that come our way through word of mouth.  Twenty plus years of successful engagements as a consulting company operating out of our corporate offices in downtown Phoenix, AZ speaks volumes as to who we are and what we do.

I have had the good fortune to work with Business Development Specialists on two occasions over the past 15 years.  In both occasions the team at BDS provided valuable business development services including business planning, identifying and developing strategic partners, market assessment, staff training and marketing campaigns.  BDS’s ability to develop strategies that are forward thinking followed by optimizing the potential for success redefines consulting.   They are “true partners” in every sense.  In both cases I was able to grow and sell my companies. 



I have worked with BDS since 2000 when we were doing a valuation of my consulting practice. They were a very open and transparent group with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The challenge for my company was to find a buyer that saw the future potential of the IP and assessment solution we had created. We had all the right stuff, the brain trust, the team and the target market place, but we had not the achieved revenue that was needed to defend our projections. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear that your hard work and dedication may not achieve the payoff you expected, which was true, but the team at BDS did such a great job of helping my team understand, after months of dedicated time on their part, that it was just not the right time to secure a buyer.

 "Frank Divers was very thoughtful in his approach and really helped me understand what we needed to do to grow my practice to the point that purchase would be a viable option. They expanded our thinking into untapped markets and potential add-on’s to our offerings. We took their advice and implemented a plan of slow and focused growth. 
They continued to monitor our progress for the next year and then we went on our own. I sold the company in 2011 and it was well worth the wait. We achieved the plan they had set forth and I was very thankful they delivered us a tough pill to swallow at the time, but one that was the right course to achieve our goals.
 have kept in touch with Frank through the years, often time’s swapping stories and sometimes just having a good laugh! I feel this has been a bonding opportunity and created a trusted adviser relationship, which goes both ways. I would not hesitate for a moment to re-engage the BDS team, they have grown over time and have developed into a power house advisory team." 


"I have known and conducted business with Frank Divers since 1978.  I don’t believe there is another individual or company in America that can match his creative ideas, skills and ability for developing unusual marketing and sales programs for all kinds of products and businesses."
"I have found Frank to be a man of his word, truthful, honest and trustworthy as well as a man of the utmost integrity in his personal life as well as his business practices.  I feel honored to have Frank as a friend and I highly recommend him and his company’s services."


"The team at BDS provided growth strategies as well as identifying a “flaw” in my operations and ability to cost a job.  Correcting the error through technology and implementing new growth strategies turned my company around within 8 months."


“Semple & Cooper, LLP has been associated with Frank Divers and Business Development Specialists, Inc. for approximately 15 years.  BDS’s reputation as being on the cutting edge of market and product validations and business market planning certainly holds true in the responses we have received from our clients... the expertise they bring to their clients is invaluable in understanding business and market issues... they enable organizations to identify and capture new or expand existing, market share. My firm will continue to refer BDS’s professional services whenever a client is looking to compete and grow their business. ... ...I highly recommend them without qualification....”



"I've known Frank Divers for many years, and he is always on-time and accurate with sound business advice and guidance. His depth of knowledge, understanding, and application of the inner workings of various business models is exemplary. Frank and the team at BDS is definitely my "go to" when I need questions answered, ideas discussed and business development services. Under his leadership BDS is an extraordinary firm to do business with."



"WOW, no one on my team would have ever thought of the strategy proposed by BDS.  I am amazed at the creative “genius” that comes with the professional services my company has received.  Thank you!"


"Professionalism, integrity and visionary are the best three words that come to mind when I think about the value BDS brought to my software company.  Straight forward and transparent in every way.  I would highly recommend them."


The team at BDS did their job.  I couldn’t ask for any more than that.  Thank you!