May 2020

Business Beyond the PANDEMIC

There’s a lot of uncertainty as to the extent of how business and consumer habits will be changed due to the paradigm shifts that are impacting both business and consumers.  The pandemic has forced all of humanity into a “crash course” of what the word change can really mean.

Today, how businesses and consumers communicate, weigh their options and make buying decisions is largely influenced by the digital and virtual worlds of information and communications technology. Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed a gradual transition from traditional business methodologies toward enhanced digitization and virtual reality. The onslaught of the pandemic accelerated this movement exponentially. Our connections to businesses and the consumer is now largely dependent, if not exclusively dependent, on Internet-based technologies.

Will some companies still try to continue with business as usual? Yes, but their futures are going to be limited by doing so. Smart entrepreneurs and corporate executives realize that we are living in a fast paced world of evolving business and consumer behavior realities. The failure to embrace new ideas and methodologies will be a recipe for failure. It isn’t a matter of “if” but rather when.

BDS’s leadership team has extensive experience in adopting to change. With over 100 years of combined experience, there isn’t much our team of professionals hasn’t experienced. We are not voices of “theory”, but rather sources of real world experience.

As seasoned and experienced as we are, we maintain a focus on what lies ahead. While we realize the importance of businesses staying in touch with their daily operations and challenges, we also realize that long term success can never be defined by “resting on your laurels”.

That is where we can help. What we see out in front of our windshields enables our team, and thus your team, to both conceptualize and synthesize strategic and tactical plans that will enable you to capitalize on current and new opportunities that will evolve over time.


Frank Divers